Some Reasons You Should Recycle Your Old Lawn Mower

Does your garage have a non-running lawn mower, tiller, or other large lawn equipment just taking up space? It seems to be common for people to stash old broken equipment in their sheds or garages because they simply do not know what to do with it once they no longer use it.

There are many reason you should recycle your old lawn equipment. Here are just a few that come to mind…

  • It’s in the way! You should recycle your old lawn equipment because you may not use it anymore and it’s just taking up too much space.
  • It’s environmentally friendly to recycle your old lawn equipment and not throw it into the trash. If you do throw it away it will just end up in a landfill.
  • Most lawn mowers can be refurbished and put to use again. So why not recycle it and allow someone else to bring it back to life, instead of throwing it into the garbage.
  • It’s really easy to do with Indy Lawn Mower Recycle! Indy Lawn Mower Recycle picks up your old lawn mower and other equipment for you. Most people do not have a way to transport this stuff (especially riding lawn mowers). All you need to do is set the item out front up near the house and they swing by to pick it up for you. Easy!