Mulch or Bag Grass Clippings? Pros & Cons

Once the last of snow begins to melt off and the weather returns to its warmth, the lawn starts getting green again. While this Is good news for color enthusiasts who loves to see the world in vivid shades of different colors, it is a big headache for homeowners. This is the period they have to answer the question of how they intend to dispose off their grass. 

Would you rather mulch your grass or bag It? Perhaps a little insight into how both processes work will be beneficial in enlightening you on your choice. 


In deciding to go with mulching, you will have to cut your grass to a desired level and leave the mowed clippings on your lawn. The purpose of this is to slow down the growth of the grass and to add nutrients to the lawn. If choosing to mulch your yard you may want to purchase a lawn mower that will be very suited for that purpose as not all lawn mowers are well suited for mulching.

As a standard practice, mulching is a necessity in maintaining a healthy lawn. While it is not the only form of lawn clearing that there is, it is quite well used amidst a lot of people. 


  • Grass clippings add vital nutrients to your lawn; this will go on to benefit the soil and you will be able to replenish the lost nutrients effortlessly 
  • Easier labor; all you have to do is walk your mover over the lawn and allow the grass clipping to fall
  • Mulching allows your grass to grow slowly; the grass clipping that on the surface prevents the sun from falling squarely on the grass that is growing. This may allow people to mow the grass less frequently


  • Mulching can bog down your mower engine if the lawn mower is not suited for the task. It can also do this if your grass is too tall or too thick
  • Effective mulching may require you to change your lawn mower resulting in added cost
  • Your lawn will not be at its neatest if you mulch; a lot of people think that it causes the yard looking messy and those extra clippings can stick to your feet when wet, creating an even larger mess


Bagging of grass clippings is also relatively common; it is simply packing your grass blades into a bag and disposing of them. While it can make for a clean lawn, bagging your grass can cause a problems for disposal.


  • Bagging allows you have a squeaky-clean lawn, you can walk bare-footed over your lawn knowing that it is free of grass blades
  • Bagging allows rain water or hose water to get directly to the soil
  • It allows for quick disposal of all the grass blades


  • Bagging requires too much physical labor. You will have to remove the bag in order to dispose of the grass and then replace it before you continue mowing
  • It is more expensive since you have to purchase bags and in some states get charged for excess disposal
  • It robs your lawn the chance of replenishing nutrients that mulching gives it

In the end, it is your choice that matters. You must pick the grass removal style that best suits you. Bagging or mulching, which is it that you prefer?  

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  1. Sharon Blackman

    If I mulch my grass clipping into the lawn – that makes my grass thicker & harder for water to run off, Is that correct?

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