New Home Buyer? What to Look for in a Lawn Mower:

New homeowners are often faced with the pressure of choosing the ideal lawn mower. Due to the fact that a new environment can be ecologically different, the question of the best lawn mower comes in. As a new homeowner, what should you look out for in a lawn mower? What are the ideal specs that you must ensure that your lawn mower has?

The engine torque –which is measured in foot-pounds (ft or lbs), represents the power of the engine. The more power, the faster the blades rotate. This provides better mowing in tall or thick grass.

Engine displacement –indicates the size of the engine, the higher the number of your engine displacement, the more powerful the engine is and the better the cutting action. As a new homeowner, you should look out for the lawn mower with the highest displacement you can get.

Priming – refers to having to push a button several times to get fuel into the engine to start it. No-prime engines eliminate this step. It is best to buy a mower that allows for no priming, that way you can start your mower effortlessly.

Top speed – This parameter is only for riding lawn mowers; the top speed is the highest speed a lawn mower can reach. You should pick a top speed that is ideal.

Cut width– is the width of the area that the mowing blade can cut in one mowing pass. It is best to have the highest cut width especially if you are looking at buying a riding lawn mower.

Blade brake– disengages the blades and stops the rotation but leaves the engine running while you empty the bag. This can come in handy if you intend to bag your grass blades; that means you can leave the engine running without fear.

Disposal means – Some mowers offer a bagging system to help you collect clippings. Others offer a mulching option that turns clippings into a fine mulch and spreads it over the yard. If you do not select either of these options, you may have to rake up clippings after you mow.

Accessory fitting – while it may not count for some new homeowners, it does for some others. For some riding lawn mowers and push lawn mowers you can adjust the height of the grass cut by using levers by the wheels. Most push lawn mowers require adjusting each wheel separately. However, dual-function or single-lever height adjustment features make this task easier.  A deck wash port connects to a garden hose and you can easily wash the underpart of your mower with it.

Whether you have decided to go with a riding lawn mower or a push lawn mower, it’s your choice. However, you must look out for these parameters and ensure that you get it right. Once you are sure that you are comfortable with the specifications of your lawn mower and it is suited to your lawn, you are good to go.

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