If I Cut My Grass Shorter Will I Be Able To Mow Less Often?

Scalping the lawn (in other words, cutting it too short) is a common mistake made by many individuals. Some people think that if they cut their grass down to pretty much its roots (slight exaggeration) it will make it so that they do not have to cut their grass as frequently. 

It is safe to say that you can cut your grass shorter than normal during the cooler days of Spring and Autumn, and this will not affect the flawless appearance of your freshly cut lawn. However, when temperatures reach up to 80 degrees or higher experts say that you should let your grass get a little bit taller. Although it may look a messier then you’d like and not have that same “perfect” appearance as a lawn mowed shorter, this taller grass will actually allow for better plant health. It turns out that taller grass blades will shade the ground, conserve moisture, and help prevent weed seeds from germinating! 

Cutting your grass shorter does not slow down its growth rate and the grass will need to be cut or mowed just as frequently. 

Pro: Looks nice at first glance, an almost “perfect” appearance! 
Con: Can cause more weeds to grow over time

Pro: Makes for healthier grass & less weeds over time
Con: Doesn’t “look” as nice

Cutting the grass shorter does not slow down its growth rate and it still will need to be cut it just as often

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