Should I use a Lawn Fertilizer Service or Do It Myself?

You might be asking yourself, should I use a lawn fertilizer service or do I just DIY it? Well, you’ve come to the right place, because we’ve prepared a list of pros and cons for hiring a lawn fertilizer service.


  • Better Results
    Hiring professionals who do this for a living is a guarantee for seeing results! Those types of services not only have the know-how, they also have access to professional fertilizers and tools. If better results is your goal, hiring a service is your answer.
  • Convenient
    Hiring a professional service will save you both the time and the energy. If lawn care isn’t your thing, you will have that extra time and effort to spend however you like.
  • Solutions and Experience
    An efficient professional service would have the right tools to examine your lawn and diagnose the problem. And based on the findings, they will follow a fertilizing strategy instead of wasting time and energy guessing. 
  • Safety 
    Some tools and fertilizers must be handled in a certain way to protect the environment, people, and pets. Professionals are trained to ensure they’re using the right practices for the safety of the environment, people and animals involved.


  • Cost
    The obvious downside that comes to mind when considering a lawn fertilizer service is the added expense you probably didn’t need! But it could also be more expensive for you to DIY, if you don’t have the knowledge, you could end up paying more later to fix what you may have damaged.
  • Hiring a Bad Lawn Fertilizer Service
    If you don’t do your research well, you could hire a bad lawn fertilizer service provider. This could result in your lawn getting burnt from harsh chemicals or in your grass still being full of weeds and pests. So, do your research thoroughly and choose wisely!

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