How Do I Keep My Lawn Healthy?

Having a lush green lawn is the ultimate goal, and it’s not necessarily hard to achieve! Here are some tips for how to take better care of your lawn.

Mowing & Edging

It is best to remove only a third of the total grass length when moving the lawn, to avoid scalping grass, which is cutting it too short. How often you should mow your lawn can be determined by the season and the weather conditions!

Sharpen Mower Blade

If you want to get the absolute best results when mowing, make sure your mower blades are sharpened. 

Change The Mowing Pattern

When you’re mowing your lawn, avoid mowing in the same direction or pattern every time. That way the grass will grow straight and tall.


Aeration is when you create small holes in the soil at certain depths, which is essential for the soil to get the nutrients it needs to grow; as it makes it easier for the root of the grass to have better access to air and water. You can aerate using a garden fork, or specific aeration tools. 

Reseed Lawns

If your lawn is appearing to be a little thin in some areas, no worries! That can happen for many reasons, what you can do is seed over the area to fill it and lush it up.

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