How To Store Your Lawn Mower For Winter

You probably heard about the importance of keeping your lawn mower stored safely during the cold season. But what exactly should you do in order to protect your mower while in storage? First thing you should know is that if you leave the mower outside during the course of winter, it will probably rust, which is an expensive mistake that can be easily avoided! Leaving your mower out in the cold can also cause other internal issues making it even more difficult and sometimes impossible to start once we hit Spring. Here are some simple tips to help you keep your mower safe during Winter.

Clean the Mower

Brush the leaves, grass and mud off your mower before storing it. In doing so, you’ll prevent key parts of the mower  from getting clogged up, such as the wheels. It’s not the most appealing thing to do, but can you imagine how much harder it would be to clean 3-4 months old mud and grass?

Drain the Gas

Electric and cordless mower owners can skip this step! Gas starts degrading in about a month or 30 days, which is very little time and not even the whole duration of winter! As a result, the mower’s engine might get clogged and might not even start. The safest option is to drain the mower’s tank. Another alternative is you can use a fuel stabilizer to protect your mower till it’s ready to be used again

Remove the Battery

If it is a riding lawn mower you should remove the battery before storing. Keeping your mower’s battery safe is important, because sometimes buying a new one can be very costly. A smart move is to remove the battery from your mower and store it in a dry cool place. Batteries don’t sit well in any environment that is damp, hot or too cold.

Choose a Storage Spot

There are things you need to consider, when choosing a spot to store your mower in. First and foremost, keep your mower away from any heat appliances and active devices because it could be hazardous. Indoor storage is the optimum choice, such as the garden shed or the garage. If you don’t have an indoor storage space, then the best way to store it safely outside is to use a water-resistant tarpaulin cover.

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