Should I Change My Lawn Mowing Pattern?

Mowing your lawn is an essential process in order to maintain a healthy good looking lawn. When mowing the lawn yourself every week or every other week, depending on the growth pace of your grass and whether or not fertilizer is part of the equation, a question may come up… Should you vary your mowing pattern every time you mow your lawn? 

Yes! Why, you ask? Because you don’t want to train your grass to lean one way by mowing the lawn in the same direction again and again. Especially if your lawn mower is heavy; so you can avoid gouging your lawn. 

Varying the direction in which you mow your lawn can help your grass stems grow straight up and stand tall. Not to mention, if you go over your lawn in the same direction every time, it could lead to some tracks in the soil which could cause your soil particles to get tightly packed, making it difficult for air and water to reach the roots, which is known as soil compaction.

So, remember to switch up the mowing directions often, and sharpen your mowers blades. Happy mowing!

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